Most of the time I like to think of myself as an entrepreneur that is obsessed with helping you build online business and life you love..
…because I sucked at exactly that for so long.

See, my philosophy is simple…

Do shit that works.

There’s a good chance you’re here reading this right now because you want to earn more money, have more freedom and live a more fulfilling life.

Which means, there’s also a good chance…

You’ve read their articles and books.

You’ve watched their videos.
You’ve listened to their podcasts.

And you’re still scratching your head with confusion and overwhelm looking for the answers.
Now, everything might look pretty cool from the outside. And there is no doubt that I love my life, with my wife and 3 daughters travelling the world and enjoying this adventure we call ‘life’.
However, as a kid I was really over weight. I suffered with really low self-esteem, feeling fat, dumb and a misfit.
At the age of 18 I was in a 9-5 job that had no future, and finally fed up I joined a gym with a mate. Trying every diet, workout and shake… It got me mediocre results (at best).
Finally I sort out the right help and when I saw my body start to change. I more importantly saw ‘me’ start to change on the inside. Quickly, this led me to becoming a qualified personal trainer that spanned a career of now over 12 years and being able to coach mum and dads, CEO’s and politics, bikini models, actors and even Arab Sheiks around the world.

But as much as I loved

what I was doing

And there is no doubt that I love my life, with my wife and 2 daughters travelling the world and enjoying this adventure we call ‘life’.

One afternoon in Dubai,
It was the usual 4:30am wake up to see my 6am client (that cancelled last minute).
Finally by 7pm I finished with my last client, and I jumped in the car to race home in time to give my baby daughter the bottle and put her to bed.

But, by the time I gotten home she was already asleep. I missed out spending time with her that day.

I felt guilty.
Like a loser.
A bad provider.
A bad partner.
A bad father.

That was the point where I got so uncomfortable that it all changed. I was tired of the STRESS. I was tired of the FEAR. I was tired of the GUILT. So, I decided to finally start building the business that I dreamt of.

Because I HAD to fix this. I was going to figure this out or die trying.
And this is when I asked the question that changed everything;
“How much longer can I keep doing this?”
“Can I keep doing this in 2, 5, 10+ years?”
The answers was: NO.
This moment kicked me forward to finding the answers to live a life that has…

You impacting people with the work you love.
・ You earning the money to live the lifestyle you want.
・ You living with the freedom you truly desire.

Through my show “Breaking Success” I ask you to join me in learning from the brightest minds and top experts around the world. To firstly have you break societies mould of telling you what you “should” do. Just like how I found myself slipping into the ‘white picket fence’ life.
We can easily find ourselves being taught by people, living the lives that we don’t want.

And anyway…

Who is judging us?

Are they the ones that we look up to, want to emulate, inspire to.
Or are they the ones that haven’t taken the leap to create the success that they want… and now justify their results with lies.
And more importantly. Who gives a sh*t who is judging you. It’s only YOU that matters.
This is why I believe courage is more important than confidence.
We can be trapped by NOT having the confidence to go after what we want.
But it’s a lie.
We only need the courage to take our first steps. And through practice comes confidence.
The first time I went surfing. I looked like a baby giraffe.
Falling over, all wonky, and looking very out of place.
But, after practice I can now stand up and enjoy being in the ocean. And the fact is,
I’m no guru… far from it.
And I don’t have all the answers. I make plenty of mistakes, have sh***y days and get struck down with fear and self-doubt.
And this is why I’m happily obsessed about not only enjoying my journey, but taking you along the ride…
So you can define your own success. Define your own life.
And have the answers, insights and help along the way to make it happen.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.
I’m thrilled we’re connected and I’m excited
for the journey ahead.

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